Become a CherryTV Model

Wat is aims to provide the ultimate experience in adult live streaming by combining the excitement of watching your favorite performers in real-time with gaming and social elements. Goals

  • Provide a fun, safe, and lucrative platform for webcam performers
  • To be a platform where users can freely explore, connect, and interact with performers
  • To be an inclusive and accepting platform for everyone

What Makes Unique?

Gamification: integration of game mechanics into existing applications to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty. This is the defining strategy that separates us from our competitors.

Focus on Streamers: The long-term success of our platform will be determined by our performers, so we like to put them front and center. With one of the highest rev-shares in the industry and a platform designed to increase engagement and conversion, as well as an industry-leading model support team, we strive to do what we can to make our performers’ experience the best possible.

What Does offer To Our Users?

Streamers: A simple, safe, fun, and interactive space to live stream and earn money.
Viewers: A private, engaging, and voyeuristic place to create connections and fulfill erotic fantasies

You can become part of Cherry!

There are various ways to become part of the growing Cherry Family. You can become a fan-based user and visit all the awesome models. Or if you are brave enough, you can become a live cam model, and show us your creative sides! Or maybe, you are a webmaster, like us, and want to have nice-looking webcams on your website with naughty-looking models who will do the selling for you. We have for everyone a great offer!

Our goal is to be transparent and open and give you the best possible support a live cam platform offers you. We are young and attentive to the needs of our users. For models, studios, webmasters, fans, curious bypassers, there is a support desk on our website, and we answer every question!

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