Brittany Reynolds

Hi, I am Brittany, cool to see you here. I am 18 years, and kicking ass in my own bedroom, operating my very first own webcam room. And you guys know how to find me too it seems. It is not easy for me to give everyone the attention they deserve, and I think many people in my room sometimes say something and wait for me to answer. but I do not read all or everything cause it goes so fast. Anyways, now we got that sorted out, what am I expecting of being here? Besides reading nice compliments from complete strangers, I kind of hope to find someone here who can make me smile, and who would like to have a nice time with me in a private area where I can undress and feel frisky!

I like guys with humor, who can make me laugh and is the ones who will see me smile! I am the proud owner of a sweet smile, it is reserved for those who talk in honesty with me and do not hide anything. In my room, you can be yourself, and have a spontaneous honest moment with me. As long we both remind what we are here for, we can make each other happy!

Give yourself something special, give yourself to me!

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