Debbie Porter

Hello. I am Debbie. I am here for many reasons. Making love to you while we both are naked is one of the naughtiest reasons, but I have many more. I am social, but I do not have many friends. I do not talk easily to people, but here that is completely different. I am easy to talk to. I am not hiding under the bed, and you can easily impress me with nice talks, making compliments, or give me a nice present. I like to be happy, this makes people around me happy, and that in return makes me happier. I love to be with someone who is nice and kind and takes the time to get to know me. I have a lot of things to share.

Making love to you, and sharing the most intimate parts of my body is something that we will work towards too. I am not a robot, and I feel that we have the time and the option to make our moment beautiful and memorable. I am here to have exclusive moments that I will not experience offline. So for me, it is important we are both on the same line. I would like to know what excites you, what makes you wild, what makes you cry, and what makes you laugh!

I would like to be a very special friend to you!

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