Kyra Milles

I’m the world’s aphrodisiac. There is within me an intense longing for life’s depths, for the out of the ordinary. ? I believe in art, poetry, theatre, and the comfort of telling a stranger the most intimate things about yourself. It is so liberating, isn’t it? In my room, you have the elegance of me being your hostess and the privacy of my room. If you are new to this, well, there is something new waiting for you, a new experience, a new way to make love to a nice girl like me.

If you like to take me private, and not wait for others to do the same, then press the Join Now button. You can create an Alias, a name you chose to have on this website, and you can send customized lines of text to me, and we can communicate. Are you thrilled already? You should!

I am waiting for you in my room! See ya soon!

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