Live Cam Podcast Show

There are moments in your life you see or hear something so beautiful, you pause everything around you and start investigating what it is that makes you feel so amazing. Some have it with music, some have it with movies. Some people have it with people who are broadcasting a radio show. It is all about the voice and the person behind it. Experience. Personality. And improve on the spot. That is pretty much who we are going to present to you. One person who has it all. Meet Elisa.

Who is Elisa Vite?

Certified Clinical Sexologist and Sexuality Coach. Elisa her coaching journey started with a background in natural/alternative medicine. Helping others realize the amazing healing powers of their own bodies, as well as their minds, has sparked passion and curiosity for her to explore what still carries mystery to so many…SEX! 

Elisa also owns and operates, a website that opened in June 2021 and serves as a community for the live cam industry. The site contains a Podcast Studio area, a dynamic forum for models and industry people, and guides to the Big Box Cam sites for new models. Many more features are still to come, and it is worth keeping her work in the eye.

Down to earth, any deeper and you are in hell, she is reviewing adult live cam websites, observing cam girls in their rooms, and having interactions with them while she is live on air. She speaks to industry leaders, big brand company owners, studio managers with more than 200 models contracted, and of course not to forget, the webmasters, the people behind the traffic, and Marketing.


Let's talk about xxx cam girls!