Nice Too Meet

I'm Ketlin! Nice to meet you! (extends a hand for a shake) I must admit, I have a bit of a quirky side. Some might even call me a bit unconventional. And while I may have a mischievous streak, I promise I'm harmless at heart. If at first you didn't succeed with me, give it another shot later on. But overall, I have a friendly and tolerant attitude towards foolishness. I understand that men can sometimes have a playful and lighthearted nature, so I don't have any lofty expectations or demand anything too intellectual from you. Just something ordinary would be perfectly fine! Why don't you just be yourself and stop worrying about trying to please me? It'll be better for both of us, trust me. I enjoy collecting vinyl records and indulging in delicious salami. It's quite irksome when someone tries to snatch food from my plate. Additionally, I find pleasure in expressing my creativity through drawing. Occasionally, I relish in the simple pleasure of lounging at home and binge-watching TV shows. Generally, I lean towards a more laid-back lifestyle. I must admit, I thoroughly enjoy indulging in the occasional shopping spree and using your hard-earned money to pursue my dreams, my dear. However, it seems that you haven't quite reciprocated the gesture. Oh well, ha ha ha! Humor. I have the most delightful dreams and I am absolutely thrilled by the generosity of those who bestow gifts upon me. Thank you all so much! Thanks a bunch for your extra care!

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