Nicole Pass

Hi, I am Nicole. I am the typical naughty neighbor girl that lives next to you. I am the girl you watch when I pass by and you want to make sure I do not see it. I am the girl that comes to your door and asks for a cup of sugar. Do you think I need it? No, but I want to see if you are complimenting me with my bad household, or you are going to give me a pack of sugar so I never have to come again. Yeah, things become complicated when I am hungry but leave it all up to you. In my room, I am way easier, cause all is in private, and no one knows me. So you can feel free and take a number on me. Just come to my room, say your name, and tell me how much you want me. I will allow you to put your hands where your mouth is, and let you into my private room. A room where you and I are alone. A room where you have never been before. A room where I am watching what you type or tell me, and I will do it for you. It is like an interview that ends up with me being naked and begging you for the job! LOL, let your fantasy take over!

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