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Delilah Holt

Hi, if you want to see me in real, this is as close as it gets. And the reality is what you see. Happy moods, or sad moods, for me, are the part of the life that I am living in my room. I am here to mature inside myself in a sexy way. I have had my moments and I am reliving them here in a much more positive way. I like honest people, guys who tell me the truth. When I can not handle it, you will see it. Do not take it personally, we were just not a match. If you, however, are on my level, and you are vibing what I am feeling, and you know what I am talking about. Then probably you and I will have a very nice time.

I am open to making friendships, but considering the numerous offers I am getting for this, I have permitted myself to be very critical. And the selection starts with how you speak to me, the words you use the choice of your gifts, or maybe… maybe you will want to impress me and give me a day off and give me happy moments and make me never forget you anymore for the rest of my life. Whatever you have in mind, let me know. Sign up for my cam room and become my friend.

I am a kind girl, no seriously I am… Maybe not. But I am doing my best!