Emily Loewe

My name is Emily. I have 51 years. This is a good 35 years of experience with guys, sexy boys, and naughty long nights with lots of love exchange. I have no problems with me being here, if you have so, then this is not your room. I am very emancipated. I can appreciate an honest good person. I recognize the real gentleman. I feel always charmed by those who have eye for detail and use proper words. Correct English is very well received by me. If you are in any way rude to me, you will notice that I am ignoring you. I will give you a second chance the next day.

A man with a Fetish is welcome in my room. I am a little kinky myself. I am a Virgo Zodiac, I love it when you explain your fetish in detail, cause my nature is to make you happy and serve you with what you expect. When we chat, you can be honest. You do not have to be shy. I did kinda see it all by now and I also watch porn movies. Also, I know what a penis looks like. That does not mean I do not like to see yours. By all means, make me wet and crazy, take that extra step and do something crazy with me.

Come to my bedroom and sit next to me on the bed. Are you comfortable?

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